The Hidden Hand


Every night at midnight a silent, hidden hand turned up the lights in her brain. In her mind was a vast gallery, an art gallery with a single exhibit at the centre where her mind's eye could not possibly avoid it . . . she had to read the stark words . . . SALLY CLAY - WANTED FOR MURDER.


Sally hates her job as a maid at isolated North Grange and she hates her employer, the sadistic Noah North, even more. The only things that make her life worthwhile are her friendship with with Hilda, Noah's daughter, and her love for Paul, the gardener. And then, on one of the worst nights of the year, with a storm raging outside, she finds she has, quite by accident, Noah North's life within her power.

Sally has to decide whether Noah North will live or die. It will be a decision that will overshadow and determine the rest of her life. Alone, on a fearful night of wind and rain, with her whole world collapsing around her, Sally makes her courageous decisions.





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