The Devil Finds Work


The last that her friends saw of Connie was when she walked through the snowstorm into the Devil's Garden. It was a garden as big as a field and the evil Lord Blackdon had filled it with hideous statues and carvings.

Towering above them there rose a dark jagged standing stone that he had recently taken from Lambton Churchyard.


No one asked any questions about Connie's disappearance, no one except her sister Mabel. But when Mabel began to investigate, she found herself confronted by strange and powerful forces.


And the time came when she too found herself alone in the Devil's Garden . . .




"Atmospheric menace is Mr Green's favourite literary tool and he wields it to effect. Young readers with a taste for daggers and Dungeons will suspend their beliefs and enjoy and ecstatic shiver"

Children's Books 1987


"Roger Green tells his story in true melodramatic fashion and convinces his readers of the awfulness of the situation. 11 -13 year olds who lap up ghost stories will enjoy reading this"

The School Librarian

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