When Caroline reluctantly goes to see her Great-Aunt Clara in the old people's home, she is unprepared for the revelations that follow.


Surely her aunt must be rambling; under the influence of all the medicines she is taking for the illnesses that have landed her in the home? How could her boring old aunt, who had spent all her life as a librarian, possibly have killed anyone?


But her aunt's confession seems to help Caroline in her own struggles to come to terms with her feelings for her parents. Maybe the key to her own animosity towards her father lies in the past and the family history her father is so keen to keep secret?



"This story was excellent, I really enjoyed reading it. It was descriptive and well written and it was also emotional. It is one of the best books I have ever read"

Judge, Lancashire County Library, Children's Book of the Year 2001


"This is powerful writing from Roger Green. There's a huge range of emotions and plenty of incidental humour"



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