All the gold spilled out of an old cloth bag, a stream of it, flowing from the shadow filled bag, out into the bright sunshine. The sound of it was magical. It almost sang as it came out. Yet although it sparkled like the sun on river waves, it was a cold sound.


As Jonathan watched and listened, he felt a breath of cold air and was reminded of sharp and glittering icicles falling on a freezing winter's night.


The gold haunts him, it possesses him, it gives him strange dreams, dreams of a murder committed long ago, dreams of an injustice inflicted on an innocent man.



"This suspenseful ghost story can be read independently or as a sequel to The Throttlepenny Murder. It provides compelling reading for teenagers"

The School Librarian


"Shadows of the past and the evil aura of the gold are powerful elements in the tale and there is mystery and suspense in plenty"

The Junior Bookshelf


"Roger Green writes of school trips, class room projects and school psychologists with horrible accuracy . . . "

The Times Educational Supplement


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