'You'll die for this. I'll lock you up in my den for this.' John's threats were like a cuckoo's egg. Once laid, they stayed there and pushed everything else out of your life.



Sam Wilkinson has become the latest target of John Snow's bullying tactics. Even though there is no physical violence, John's threats and insults have the power to bring Sam's world crashing down around him. And when nobody will listen, Sam decides the time has come for him to take action. But Sam's attempt to stand up for himself has consequences that could not have been foreseen, especially for John . . .

". . . full of cruelly accurate comments on the ways adults fail to hear children crying for help . . . "

The Times


" . . . a frighteningly realistic contemporary scenario. Green is as intent on getting inside the mind of the bully as the victim. He delivers some ironic satire on school management ideologies and classroom practice"

Times Educational Supplement


"the outstanding book from the crop of teenage fiction I read"


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